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Your car is one of your greatest investments, and unfortunately, the incidents that can hurt it most are almost unavoidable things like swirls, scratches, and wear and tear over time. At Personal Touch, our mission is not only to clean the interior and exterior of your car, but also, to go one step further to help restore and renew it.
What we offer

We offer the most comprehensive car detailing and restorative services to keep your car looking as close to new as possible for the long-term.

What we provide
We not only seek to eliminate the daily blemishes that come with driving, but we also provide protective layers such as ceramic coating to reduce any further damage while you are out on the road.
Delaware Car Detailing

Services we Offer

Who we are

Complete Vehicle Detailing with a Personal Touch

Our state of the art ceramic and graphene coatings are meant to restore your car to better than roll-off-the-lot condition. And our paint correction, enhancement, and scratch removal processes help to reduce the chances of swirling and scratches that can make your car start to lose value. Also, because we want to cover your vehicle from bumper to bumper, we take great care to use glass and wheel coatings. They help to keep your car looking like it is fresh out of the car wash well after our service.

Not your average detailer

Paying Attention to the Small Details

At Personal Touch, we believe that car detailing should focus on what you can see like interior detailing, and carpet and seat extraction; but we also get to those places you can’t. We offer engine detailing to remove excess oil and dirt build-up that can reduce your car’s efficiency and lifespan, wheel off services, and brake caliper painting – we believe in paying close attention to all aspects, not just the “basics.” Our mission is always to provide the very best in customer service, the highest quality products, and craftsmanship, and attention to detail that is second to none in the industry.